No humans have been harmed in the making of these videos May contain some nuttiness Copyright reserved Cornelius Clifford 2016
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      Dragon   TV   is   an   online   video   channel   where   the   monsters   are   the stars.   Dragons,   goblins,   trolls,   Fae   folk   and   other   fantasy   creatures perform comedy, rock songs and sketches for your entertainment.         Here    at    DragonTV    we    are    an    equal    opportunities    organisation. Dragons,    monsters,    trolls    and    even    goblins    make    a    worthwhile contribution.   We   might   be   a   bit   prejudiced   against   humans,   but   don’t tell anyone at the Ministry of Laughs.   DragonTV is brought to you by Cornelius Clifford, (have a peek at his facebook page below) and published by Dreamworlds. The puppets are made and manipulated by Greg Stephens and Mary Hadley. Producer voice by Katherine, Fae costumes by Willow. Backing music and vocals by Gerry Dixon and the Heartbreakers.
Dragon   TV   has   now   changed   it’s   name   to   ‘MONSTROUS   TV’   ~ check   out   our   more   recent   children’s   entertainment   by   clicking   on   the tomb below!